Collection: Summer Collection 2021

What better way to swing right into summer than with some amazing summer aromas. Fill your home with our new luxury summer collection. From our vibrant Sunset scent to our more woodys Dusk fragrance, you’re sure to find something that fits your home perfectly. All five of these scents are available in both size candles, our linen & room spray, reed diffusers and car diffusers. 


  • Blooming: Bask in this rich floral fragrance. Step into a valley of fresh spring blooming flowers with just one inhale. This candle is both delicate yet bold with notes of magnolia, jasmine, neroli, peony and a pinch of citrus. This is sure to be your soon to be fav!
  • Dusk: Taking a late night stroll as the woodsy aromas fill the air. This candle will give you just that feeling. With deep notes of oak moss, leather, sandalwood paired with light notes of lavender perfectly blended for this more masculine fragrance. Definitely a candle sure to set a relaxing vibe.
  • Flourish: Relax and take a seat on a serene hilltop next to a beautiful garden of vibrant red roses that over looks to capture the view of the endless ocean waves as they roll onto shore. Our Flourish candle will take you there. With notes of rose, green leaves and sea salt you are sure to bask in this fragrance.
  • Playful: Nothing like the first bite of a juicy sweet watermelon as you bask in the rays of the sun on a beautiful summer day. Our playful candle is sweetly sophisticated and will take you to this peaceful place. Bringing together top notes of watermelon, honey dew and light notes of strawberry, raspberry and light musk this combo of notes pair to make the juicy sweet playful scent irresistible.
  • Sunset: Take a brisk walk as you take in the view of the early morning sunset while breathing in the fresh morning dew. This perfectly blended candle has some deep notes of oakmoss, sage and amber while perfectly intertwined with sweet citrus notes, orange and mint.