Aroma Therapy  Reed Diffuser - Blooming

Aroma Therapy Reed Diffuser - Blooming

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Indulge your senses with your favorite CTM scents and bring effortless aroma without the worry of a flame with our luxury reed diffuser! Bask in this rich floral fragrance. Step into a valley of fresh spring blooming flowers with just one inhale. This candle is both delicate yet bold with notes of magnolia, jasmine, neroli, peony and a pinch of citrus. This is sure to be your soon to be fav! In our stylist square four ounce jars, finished with your choice of a silver or gold classy neck collar and eight black reeds, our diffusers are the perfect accent for any room. The reeds will absorb the fragrance and release scents slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 120 days. 

How to set up your Reed  Diffuser:

Diffusers come mostly set up, simply twist off the gold neck collar, pop out the clear plastic stopper, retwist the gold neck collar and insert the reeds. Diffuser comes with 8 reeds but you can add as many or few as you like (add more reeds for a stronger scent). 

For Best Result:

  • 4oz diffuser should be place in smaller area  (ie. a small bedroom, an office, bathroom, etc)
  • If placed in larger room, may need more than 1 diffuser on opposite sides of the room
  • Place in high traffic area helps 
  • Flip reeds every 1-2 times weekly (or as often as you like, be careful not to spill oil)
  • Keep out of reach from pets and children (oil should not be consumed)
  • Keep away from anything flammable