'Her Light' Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Natural Soy Candle (PREORDER)

'Her Light' Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Natural Soy Candle (PREORDER)

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CTM goes Pink! Her Light was created with the purest love to honor those fighters, survivors and ones taken too soon from this tragic disease.  The story behind the name ‘Her Light’ was to represent all the women who experience the darkness of this disease and to remind her that through her fight her light still shines bright and to never forget  that.

As our contribution, CTM will donate a portion of our profit to local breast cancer research. 

This scent was made to be as beautiful as the women it represents. With an alluring blend of some elegant fruity fragrances this is the perfect representation of ‘HER’. Perfectly paired with some zesty and bubbly scents of grapefruit, lemon and champagne blended with some strong notes of pomegranate and light notes of peach. Her Light will sure be as pleasant of fragrance as the beautiful women around the world we are fighting for.


We would like to stress the importance of educating yourself on the symptoms and to remind everyone that screenings are so important. 1 in every 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.Early detection is vital for increased chances of survival and it is recommended that women should start self breast examinations as early as 21yrs old and professional exams every 3yrs by their primary doctors. While women ages  40 to 49 should  begin to have mammograms every year. 

For more information please visit Breast cancer resources | Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (seattlecca.org)