Linen and Room Spray- Blooming

Linen and Room Spray- Blooming

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Need a quick boost of fragrance and you don't have time to light up your favorite CTM candle? Well what better way to get your favorite scents in the air quick than our linen and room sprays. Our room sprays come in all of our luxurious CTM candle fragrances are versatile and. The linen and room sprays can be sprayed directly into the air, on bedding, on upholstery, clothes and is a perfect size for traveling. 

Get the same scent we offer in our Blooming candle with a simple spritz into the air or on a fabric of your choice. Bask in this rich floral fragrance. Step into a valley of fresh spring blooming flowers with just one inhale. This scent is both delicate yet bold with notes of magnolia, jasmine, neroli, peony and a pinch of citrus. This is sure to be your soon to be fav!


For best results: Shake spray before each use. When sprayed, there will be a light mist released, please let the mist clear before attempting to smell fragrance. When spraying fabrics, test a small section of the fabric before the entire area and spray at least 1ft away.

*This item is not intended to be sprayed directly onto skin 

* This item will be a milky or cloudy white color, it contains oil that may separate between uses, be sure to shake before using to get best scent results.


Size: 4oz