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May 21st 2024 Marks 4years!

Dear Cherish the Moments Family,

Today marks a significant milestone for Cherish the Moments Home Fragrance as we celebrate our 4th anniversary! As a small business, the journey has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding. I am profoundly grateful for your unwavering support and for being part of this incredible community.

Thank you once again for being such amazing customers and for helping Cherish the Moments Home Fragrance grow and thrive. Here’s to many more years of creating cherished moments together!


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Why Cherish the Moments?

Our brand’s mission is all in the name and just that, simply to show our community how important it is to just cherish the moments. We provide high quality luxury products that help you escape momentarily and allow for you to cherish the moment you’re in while using our products and hopefully making this a life-style and mind shift.

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