Frequently Asked Questions

 What are your candles made of?

  • CTM candles are made from a natural soy wax and a cotton wick. All products are phthalate free, lead free &  zinc free as well as vegan!

Should I trim my wicks?

  • Yes! Always trim your wicks to 1/4" before each lighting. This is to ensure a longer candle life. The larger wick will melt the candle faster than the wick can burn and will burn through your candle at a much faster rate. This is common universal candle care and is true for all candles even those not made by CTM.

What is tunneling and how do I avoid it?

  • Candles have a memory so the first burn is the very most important. Be sure to allow your candle to have a complete wax pool on the first burn, this means there should be a complete wax melt covering the entire top from edge to edge. This will ensure no tunneling. Tunneling happens once the candle creates a memory of melted wax. If you do not allow for the complete wax melt the candle will only melt to where the first melt pool ended and will burn down the middle of your candle for each burn there after. This will look like a tunnel (hence the name "tunneling") and waste lots of wax.

Can I use the linen & room spray as a perfume?

  • The linen & room spray is not made for perfume use and although this is not recommended  many customers have stated they use it as a cologne/perfume. The fragrance oils used are all safe for lotions and soaps  however if you choose to use this product as a perfume I would recommend only spraying it on clothing at least 6in away and not directly on the skin. The linen and room spray contains alcohol which may cause some skin dryness and/or irritation. If irritation occurs discontinue using in that manner immediately and only use as directed. 

How long do the Aroma Therapy Reed Diffusers last?

  • Reed diffusers have an approx. life of about 150-190 days however this will alter depending on where the diffuser is located, how many reeds you use and how often you flip the reeds. The diffusers comes with 8 reeds however you can use less if you would like. The more reeds and more often you flip them the stronger scent throw you will create. For a longer life keep out of direct sunlight. Also remember to keep away from pets and children.

Are your vessels recyclable? 

  • Our vessels are made from premium glass and we highly encourage you to recycle your vessel at home after the candle has finished. Once the candle has reached 1/4" of wax remaining, discontinue use and wash the vessel, clearing it of any wicks and wax residue. Our stylist jars can be used for a numerous amount of things such as a pen holder, plant jar, storing beauty products such as q-tips and cotton balls and many other things. Be creative!

Do you provide wholesale pricing?

  • Yes, please email us at info@ctmcandles.com with any questions you may have regarding a wholesale order.