About Us

The story behind CTM

In the world we live in with all the changes and unexpected things both good and bad, it is critical for us to take time daily to really appreciate life. Our brand’s mission is just that and all in the name, simply to cherish the moments. We provide high quality luxury products that help you escape momentarily and allow for you to cherish the moment you’re in while using our products and hopefully making this a life-style mind shift.

 “As the owner and creator of the brand, I created this brand after dealing with a major health issue that changed my life forever. In 2019 I became very ill and after countless doctors, ER visits, multiple surgeries and more I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. There were so many nights I was in excruciating pain and discomfort night I would light a candle and they soon became my nightly peace and brought me the comfort I needed at the time. With the peace from my candles and the love of my three handsome sons I was able to fight through it all. After a friend suggested I save money by making my own candles I quickly began to learn. I received such great compliments on my own candles I wanted to share with others in hopes my candles would bring them the comfort and peace I received during my darkest time, and so birthed Cherish the Moments Home Fragrance.”

We strive to provide luxury products to the community that not only look and smell good but really
make you feel good, allowing you to cherish the moments! All our products are hand-made with love 

-Cherish Jolly-Sampson

Owner & Creator